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Can’t do it alone

Going back to David. I’m not able to get what I need alone. I’m cool with it. I welcome the help.


I pulled you out

Pretty Prada dress is in the back of my closet. I pulled you out so that I could see you. On the surface, you look kind a plain ole shift. But I remember. I remember you on me. You hugged my curves. You felt good. You looked good. That man that loved me looked at me and said “you look beautiful”. I felt complete in you. I want you back in my life. We will be back together.

Fat Girl Dress

Today, I looked cute in an xlarge dress. I hate this size. But admittedly, it was flattering. I would just prefer it be a size 8. No worrieS. Back at it tomorrow. Early gym.

Black Prada Dress

There is a Prada dress in the back of my closet. I call her Zoe. I bought her 12 years ago. I love her. I gained weight and haven’t been able to fit her in seven years. People say that they lose weight for health. Today, my goal is to lose weight so that I can wear my Prada dress and my red 4 inch heels to the annual Kappa party next January. Shallow? A little. How many fucks do I give that I’m shallow today? Zero.

You see, being shallow is what I need to motivate me to lose this weight.
See, I know all the health benefits to losing weight. I’ve always known them. I’m 236 pounds. Guess what the doctor says? I’m extremely healthy for a woman of my weight. So, I need another motivator.

I can run up a flight of steps just like anyone else. I can walk the French Quarter. I can leg press 240lbs. What I can’t do is fit this Prada dress.

So, my goal, albeit shallow, is to fit this dress. In fact, I will probably discuss my gorgeous wardrobe until I can fit it all again.